Frequently Asked Questions


I have sold my house and will be moving soon, what should I do?
Answer: We are similar to any utility company; we need an adequate amount of time to process your cancellation request. Please notify us approximately one week prior to your closing date so we can get all documentation processed. We may need to stop by your house and do some programming at no charge.


I have forgotten my password what should I do?
Answer: Contact our office.


What is the difference between an arm/disarm code and password?
Answer: Your arm/disarm code is the 4-digit code that you enter into your system's keypad to arm and disarm (turn on/off) your alarm system. Your password is a word or number that you use to identify yourself to the central station in the case of a false alarm. If you accidentally set off your alarm, the central station dispatcher will ask you for your password. If you don't have one, or if you provide an incorrect one, the authorities will be dispatched. You will also need a password to make changes to your account. 


I have forgotten my code what should I do?
Answer:We can connect you to Rapid Response Monitoring to retrieve your code.


How do I change or add instructions for my alarm system?
Answer: Going on vacation and want a temporary note placed on your account so we will dispatch first before calling your house? Want us to call the emergency notification list before we dispatch? You can get us the information through fax (716) 692-9076, email: alarmdesignsystems02@gmail.com, or call (716) 692-9900 and your request will be completed. You will receive a confirmation that the change has been made. 


How do I know my system is being monitored?
You should test your system weekly.


We are going on vacation and a friend is watching our house, should I give them our code and password?

Answer: No. Most alarm systems can have multiple codes. We can help you program a temporary code for your friend to use. You can also give us a temporary password to be used while you are away.


How do I change my emergency phone numbers?
Answer: If you have already have a valid password and simply want to change it or the emergency phone numbers on your account, you can get us the information through fax (716) 692-9076, email: alarmdesignsystems02@gmail.com, or call (716) 692-9900 and your request will be completed. You will receive a confirmation that the change has been made. 


How much Does a Security System Cost?
Answer: While some security companies believe in the "cookie cutter" approach to security installation, we believe that each customer has different security needs.An Alarm professional will perform a FREE security analysis in your home or business.  This will help us to design a security system that meets your unique security profile. In addition, we will ask you questions about your security concerns. By combining our analysis with your requests and budget, we can offer a comprehensive security system at a reasonable price.


Why Chose Alarm Design Systems, Inc. over some of its competitors?
Answer: During the past seven years, Alarm Design Systems, Inc. has served many  customers throughout the Western New York area.  Yet, we continue to work with each individual customer to provide a comprehensive system that goes beyond the basics. You can be assured that from the date of the installation and through follow-up care that you will be working with security professionals.  Our service technicians average ten years in the security industry.  They draw upon that experience to install and service quality security systems. Our UL approved monitoring station is committed to quickly responding.  The security alarm monitoring professionals are trained to follow exacting standards in regard to alarm response.  They understand the importance of calling to ensure your safety and contacting an emergency agency when the need arises.



With Alarm Design Systems, Inc you can be certain that when you need us most we will be there.  

Each of our customers have their own individual needs and concerns, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We can be reached at (716) 692-9900 or by e-mail at alarmdesignsystems02@gmail.com.

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